Low Voltage Cabling / Structured Cabling


What is Low Voltage Cabling?  Low Voltage cabling is defined as electrical cabling using less than 50 volts.  This covers a wide variety of applications to include anything from commercial Voice & Data networks, high-end Audio & Visual systems, Fire alarms etc. to simple residential LED string lighting found at your big box store.  The installation of these systems are considered "Specialty Trades."


Nova Systems specializes in "Structured Cabling" or "Low Voltage", "Voice & Data cabling", "Network cabling", etc. This refers to the installation of Category 6, 6a or Fiber optics cables for the purposes of connecting computers, Telephones, TVs, Cameras, speakers and numerous other network devices commonly found in commercial and industrial applications.


For more than 20 years Nova Systems has been based out of Atlanta, Georgia and served the Atlanta metro area but we consider the Southeast US as our coverage area. We are a professionally managed company that understands the needs of customers, how to integrate their specific requirements and how to properly manage any structured cabling project.  Our experience, dedication and attention to detail will allow us be a trusted and integral source for reliable results for your company as well.  We not only want to serve your business today but we work to build a long partnership that will propel our businesses together.


All Nova Systems projects are fully Guaranteed and include a LIFETIME Warranty.


Fiber Optics

Speed of Light Data.  Fiber Optics is a very cost efficient solution for longer connectivity needs and higher speeds required by many high demand data networks.  Many times Fiber is the only solution given that Ethernet cable has limitations in distance and transmission speeds. 

Our professional technicians and installation methods will guarantee your satisfaction for years. 


Structured Networks

Your structured data network is the most important component in your entire office.  The transmission of data across a network  infrastructure handles monetary transactions, phone calls and virtually every aspect of all types of communications.  This includes even your WIFI connections, virtually every network today has WIFI Access Points strategically located throughout the office. 



 Data Rooms

A data room is the culmination point of your structured data network and consists of network equipment to include routers, switches, servers and even your phone system.  Often data rooms are overlooked and neglected, If your data closet needs professional help or re-organization we can help.  

Nova Systems will provides our years pf experience to make your data closet a clean and organized environment


Audio Visual

Conference Rooms, paging systems, VideoConferencing,TV,presentations, Music are all basic Audio and Visual systems.

We provide options and analyze the most cost effective systems solutions for your A/V needs. 

Medical facilities use TVs to display X-rays and music in hallways to provide a pleasant experience for patients. 



Office Space

New Construction and Working offices.  Commercial offices demand special professional installation practices and care.  Your working office is a sacred place and demands that we treat your environment with respect using courteous practices that include a clean work environment, side entry points and quiet work methods that minimize the impact on your work place. 




Industrial Locations

Industrial locations like warehouse facilities are large, busy and and require a special and unique set of skills.  Nova Systems has installed Fiber Optics, Structure Cabling and Paging systems in industrial facilities across the southeast.  Most firms shy away from these locations due to the commitment and complexity, Nova systems thrives in these locations.  Let Nova Systems build out your facility in a professional and timeless manner



Warehouse & Manufacturing

Warehouse and Industrial locations can be challenging for less capable firms.  These projects require special trades and skills that only experience can bring.  Brick wall penetrations, conduit backbone cables and scissor lift access requires a unique set of skills.  Nova Systems thrives in such environments having delivered projects in small warehouses to to over 1 million square foot distribution centers.


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