Our Story


Nova Systems started out as a customer of the telecom industry in the mid 1990s.  As employees we were tasked with selling and installing custom PBX systems for small business in metro Atlanta.  As part of the process we often hired low-voltage vendors to install cabling and assist with connectivity.  This experience was less than exhilarating and many lessons were taken through the development process. 

A couple years on an opportunity arose and was recognized by 2 "wannabe" entrepreneurs and the idea of Nova Systems was born.  Having never forgotten our previous experience we pledged an oath to provide the very best is in project delivery and services possible.  That was the year 2000 and many, many repeat customers later we believe we have largely kept that oath.

We would be honored with an invitation to work with you, it is our goal to live up to your every expectation.

Affordability is the goal.  While Telecommunications can be demanding we provide professional and proven solutions that expand your capabilities and reduce overall costs for your business.


Nova Systems provides business to business turn-key Telecom solutions.  Our areas of expertise are vast but we concentrate on primary services:

  • Low Voltage Cabling (Voice/Data) also called Structured Cabling
  • Business Telecom including Hosted and Premise based systems
  • Voice/Data circuit provisioning

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